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Monetize Your TikTok is an online course that teaches you how to set up an income stream using a creative outlet that you’re already on.

This guy look a little too familiar?

Monetize Your TikTok will help you replace mindless scrolling with a stream of income.

You’ll be able to release the guilt of, “I didn’t get anything done today!”

And embrace the idea that abundance is all around you.

Even on TikTok.

This you? 👀

It’s a bummer to have to turn down outings with friends because you never have money.

It’s a bummer to feel ashamed of how you spent your day. 

It’s a bummer to spend your day watching all of these people getting paid on TikTok without a clue of how to start yourself.

I'm ready to make more money!

Picture It…

You wake up, grab a coffee, and open up TikTok to find that you’ve made money overnight! While you were sleeping!

Your TikToks are reaching a bigger audience, which means 

  • more money in your pocket
  • more visibility for the other services you offer
  • more opportunities to collaborate with other creators
  • more opportunity to collaborate with brands

MORE is an important word around here, if you haven’t noticed.

My goal is for you to get MORE out of life! Especially TikTok.

After generating $20,000 in a 12 month span thanks to TikTok, I'm here to teach you the best practices to make money from your TikToks as a business owner - in a way that actually works.

I'm ready to make more money!

What's included: 

The one-time cost provides you with lifetime access to the online course. 

  • 5 Modules jam packed with bite-sized TikTok trainings on ALL topics
    • Tutorials on creating engaging, scroll-stopping videos
    • Algorithms - I’ll explain how to work with the system, not against it
    • Learn how to attract the kinds of leads you want
    • I’ll share ways to monetize so that you actually have money coming in
    • I’ll also teach you best practices, the DOs and DON’Ts of TikTok
    • and more!
  • Access to any updated trainings in the future

Like with all technology, TikTok is constantly evolving, so the trainings will occasionally need to be updated. You can rest assured that you’ll have the most up-to-date information with my course!


I'm ready to make more money!

Who it's for:

This course is for people who are 

  • already on TikTok, or at least some form of social media.
  • ready to set up another stream of income using something they ALREADY spend time on.
  • tired of watching TikTok creators make money and wondering, “Why not me?”
  • business owners looking to optimize their use of TikTok.

Who it's NOT for:

This course is not a good fit for people who are

  • uncomfortable with social media
  • not business owners/don’t have an offer outside of TikTok
  • uninterested in an additional source of income

If you don’t buy now, you’ll just think of me the next time you scroll TikTok for hours on end 😘

Why put off the inevitable?


I'm ready to make more money!