Worth Weigh More

Worth Weigh More is a program that guides you to love your body and release limiting beliefs about your weight.

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Here’s your permission slip to take up space, feel good in your skin, and do whatever the f*ck you want to do. Learn how in my self-paced body love program.


Does this sound familiar?


  • hold yourself back from social outings
  • have a lack of confidence in your dating and sex life
  • don't have the body you wish you had
  • feel out of place in society
  • feel guilty for your size
  • are constantly comparing yourself to others or a past version of your body

Everywhere you turn, something is telling you to shrink.

Airplane seats. “Inclusive” sizing through 2XL. Doctors who still use BMI. Diet culture.

Worth Weigh More can help you heal.

You should never feel guilty or ashamed about your body. Period. 

It’s hard in our society to embrace your size, especially when that size isn’t 0-8.

It isn’t your fault that you’re struggling.

But babe...life can be SO MUCH BETTER.


Once you finish Worth Weigh More, my goal is for you to feel:

  •  a deep love for your body no matter what it looks like
  • unashamedly sexy
  • confident in your skin
  • accepted by yourself and others
  • freed from the chains that your lack of body love keep you in
  • beautiful, strong, worthy
  • capable of pulling yourself out of a low moment or hard body day

You are so WORTH IT!

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About Me


I’m Lily Nicole, I’m a Certified Master Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, and it is my mission and passion to help people like you de-condition the subconscious programming and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck from manifesting the life that you know is possible for yourself.
You are fully capable of turning on the power that you already hold inside of you to manifest next-level experiences, finances, and relationships, and to live the life of your dreams, REGARDLESS of what you weigh. I'm committed to guiding and facilitating that process within you.


What You Get


  1. 21 Day Mirror Work Experience - so that you can build a habit of connecting with yourself
  2. Body Acceptance Hypnosis - to help reprogram those subconscious negative thoughts
  3. Inner Child Body Love Guided Meditation - so that you can heal from childhood wounds and grow into who you are now
  4. EFT Tapping for Confidence video - a tool you can use anytime you feel low on confidence to give yourself a boost
  5. Self Compassion video training - so that you can learn how to have compassion for yourself and keep that subconscious language working in your favor
  6. Body/Soul Connection video training - so that you can connect even more deeply with your body
  7. Worthiness Journal Prompts - to reinforce to yourself and your subconscious that you are WORTH WEIGH MORE
  8. Body Love Affirmations - so that you have yet another tool to change those negative subconscious thoughts into positive ones
  9. UNDOING Transformation Culture Conditioning video training - because we can’t separate ourselves from our environment, and I want to equip you to thrive after the program, too!

....and MORE!


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If you’re tired of shrinking yourself to fit into a world that makes you feel unworthy...STOP. SHRINKING.

You are WORTHY of the space you take up.

You are WORTHY of being heard.

You are WORTHY of feeling good in your skin.

You are WORTHY of every good thing in the world.

You are WORTHY of love, especially your own.

I don’t want you to spend another second doubting your worth.

I want you to admire yourself in the mirror.

I want you to demand more money.

I want you to flaunt what you’ve got.

I want you to love the space you take up.

I want you to reject anything or anyone that tells you otherwise.

You deserve it. Now.

Join me!