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The strategy & energetics that generate an income HIGHER than what you're making require a shaking up of where you are right now.

It's not just about what you tangibly do to grow your business (though that's an important part of it). It's also not just about what you energetically do to shift your mindset (but that's another important part).

It's about a decision that you will reach that desired level;

A commitment to your vision beyond what you've already tried; 

& a declaration of where your rocket ship is headed, so that others know they want to come with.

I am typing up this sales page right now after having conceptualized this program this morning.


Less than 6 hours ago, as we speak.


The idea came through while on a call with my coach.


When we got off the call, I channeled some thoughts around the offer through me and put them up on my Instagram story.

(In an intentional, engaging way that captured attention; that activated the people reading it)


There was immediate interest, check it out:

THAT was the moment I realized...

This is it.

This is the energy of 2022.

The immediate "yes".

The clients who just know. 

Who feel the energy of an offer, and jump in.

Who discover my Instagram and 5 minutes later, are investing to work with me.


Don't you feel the yumminess of that?

When you envision that happening in your business, doesn't it light up ALL of your sensess in the most magical way?


Don't you want that this year, too?


YES! Activate me!

What makes me most excited about this program and the entirety of next year is that I'm finally ready to stop needing to be "10 steps ahead" of you.


I do not need to be your "leader" in order to activate you.

In reality, YOU need to be your own leader in order to be fully activated.

Just like your clients will need to have permission to be in their power instead of yours.


THIS is the legacy we are creating.

I DON'T just want to help you reach $10k months and 6-figure years since that's what I have proof of achieving myself.


Yes, I want to see that happen for you.


And I want to help you regulate that consistent energy into your body, and let it become your new baseline for what is "normal".


But after that?

I want you to keep running with me.


$20k months.

Quarter mill years.

Clients that say "I want in" immediately.

For both of us.