What if you could give your younger self all of the praise, support, and love she deserved at the time?

Imagine the difference that would have made in your life.

The different choices you would have made.

The people and circumstances you wouldn't have settled for.

The dreams you would have gone after.

It's time to connect with your inner child and give her everything she never got.

Heal from the inside out.

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  So, you’ve been reading personal development for years. But you don’t feel developed, personally.

You’re slightly embarrassed by the stacks of unfinished books, empty journals and unused planners in your home.

When’s the last time you danced FULL out, just for fun? Sang at the top of your lungs? Proudly held up a picture you drew, a grin from ear to ear?

Childhood, right?

How far do you feel from that child?

A Tinkerbell with no believers, a fairy with no dust.

That’s because you keep trying the same things.

You’re here on this page because you’re ready to try something different.

This sounds like me..

What you WANT to do is keep reading the books, listening to the podcasts.

It feels safe.

But what you NEED to do is heal.

I don’t mind being the one to tell you -- learning doesn’t replace doing.

That’s where the Inner Child Workshop comes in.

When you were a kid, someone told you that when you swallowed gum, it stayed in your stomach for seven years. You didn’t know to question it, just accepted it into your brain and moved on with your life.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t gum for you. Maybe it was watermelon seeds. Maybe both.

Think of all the things you heard around you that you just...accepted. Can you think of any examples?

How about the first time someone called you dumb? Told you to stop crying because you were fine?

You have so many subconscious beliefs floating around in your brain, collected over a lifetime.

You didn’t know to question them, didn’t know that you were, in fact, allowed to cry.

"Positive vibes only" didn’t help you then, and it doesn’t help you now.

I'm ready to dig deeper into my inner child!


In this workshop, you’ll connect with that inner child and those subconscious beliefs. 

You’ll learn how to eliminate the beliefs that are not serving you, and replace them with those that do.


3 Inner Child Video/Audio Trainings

  • WHAT is Inner Child work and why is it important? (14 minutes)
  • HOW can I safely connect with my Inner Child and access old stories and memories? (16 minutes)
  • HOW can I use Inner Child work to manifest the things I desire? (8 minutes)
  • 1 Bonus "Healing Negative Emotions" Recording (15 minutes)


3 Implementation Exercises to Take You Deeper

  • 11 Journal and thought prompts
  • 1 Connection exercises
  • EFT Tapping for Embracing Safety
  • Guided Hypnosis to meet your Inner Child (21 minutes)
  • Letter writing activity



Get your fairy dust back.

Then, you’ll be free to work your magic on the world around you and manifest all of the things you desire.

I'm Ready to Sign Up!

In this workshop, you will:

Get access to 2 meditations, EFT tapping and implementation activities to go deep.
Learn the steps to connect with your inner child and heal and release old limiting beliefs and stories.
Recognize the mistake being made in your growth journey that's keeping you from manifesting desires.
"Lily's inner child work is so powerful.
She really put so much value in this training.
Being able to connect to our inner child is so important and Lily really supports you through the process."


Stephanie Boyd

"I did your inner child guided hypnosis (made my husband do it too) and WOW we've been doing SO much huge inner child work from the workshop. I think we were both at a stall spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and it feels like a HUGE breakthrough! We've both been so emotional about our past selves and our inner child since, and it's tough but huge revelations about who we are and why we've gone on the paths we have!"

Nicole Hall

Inner Child Workshop

Your Inner Child is the part of you that formed all of your beliefs that affect the way you currently show up in your relationships, finances, and personal growth.

 Learning to connect with this part of you is the key to unlocking your incredible power of manifestation.

Are you ready to give that little child inside of you everything they deserve?


Check out a snippet of Inner Child Workshop below! 

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