If you are coaching your clients by giving them advice, you aren't getting to the root of their issues, which only allows for temporary change. 


True transformation comes from helping your clients reprogram their subconscious (which controls 99.994% of their thoughts & decisions!)

Are you ready to grow your online coaching business while confidently facilitating high-level results that make you stand out in the industry?

Being certified through the Quantum Ripple Effect Institute of Coaching and Healing prepares you to guide massive transformation in your clients, and when you combine QRE with my Bold Business Bonuses ($2k+ value) you'll have everything you need to start and scale a successful coaching practice, and confidently charge premium prices.

Become a master of subconscious reprogramming, personal development, healing, and growth tools.

You will create a thriving, abundant business while changing your clients lives and creating a ripple effect in the lives of all the people that you and your clients touch.


Get certified as:

• Life & Success Coach

• NLP Practitioner

• Clinical Hypnotherapist

• EFT Practitioner

• T.I.M.E. Techniques Practitioner

• Reiki Healer

• Quantum Ripple Effect Coach

Now is the time to create a transformation so massive that it increases your sales, mindset, and gets you raving testimonials that keep your client list full.

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In QRE, you'll get all of the tools & trainings you need to help your clients, so I've designed my bonuses to help you focus on Boldly marketing yourself and your services, and allowing yourself to be fully SEEN in the online space. 


By signing up for QRE through this page specifically, you’ll get completely free access to the recordings of my signature program, Bold Bodied Entrepreneur, which will help you create, launch and sell your next coaching offers, AND stand confidently enough in your body that you actually make sales. On top of that, you’ll have a beautiful example of how I bring ALL of the techniques taught in QRE into my coaching programs so that you can do the same!

Growing your coaching business without the confidence to be seen as an expert in your field is difficult and leads incredible coaches to frustration and burnout.


My bonuses will help you rewire your subconscious so that you BOLDLY stand behind your business and coaching offers.

I remember when I first started learning NLP, Life & Success Coaching, TIME Techniques, Hypnosis, and EFT...

I had my first $10,000 month in business the same month that I got certified.

Something shifted inside both me and my business.

I saw everything from a new, heightened perspective. Actually, I began to see everything from multiple perspectives at once.

That's a main concept in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming): the fact that we normally operate through life seeing through just one lens.

And the reason there are so many different opinions and beliefs and ideas in the world is because different people are seeing through different lenses.

But what if you had the ability to see through all of the lenses, and choose the one that most suited your goals?

What if you could help you clients see through all of the lenses, and choose the ones most suited to their goals?

Before NLP, my lens was: "I want to make a fuck ton of money helping people, and I'm going to have to work my ass off to make that happen."

Before NLP, my clients lenses were "life is hard and unfair and I don't know what to do about it" and my response was to give them advice, leading them to be reliant on me whenever they had an issue.

Because of NLP, I was able to try out a new lens that looked like: "I want to make a fuck ton of money helping people, and I'm going to do that in the easiest, most flowy, vibrant, exciting way."

Because of NLP, I stopped giving my clients advice and started asking the right questions that helped them see through new lenses, leading them to be self-sufficient and loving their lives.

Boom. $10k months. Clients who were changing their lives. Me, changing my own life.

(Image below is Erin and me in 2019 completing our Master Practitoner of NLP certifications)

Which best describes you?


The Aspiring Coach

You are the go-to person in your social circles when someone needs support or advice and you desire to hone this natural gift and turn your passion into a business so that you can get paid and confidently change lives at the same time.

The Beginner Coach

You've had a few clients, created some offers, shared some inspiring social media posts, and you're ready to feel more confident in your abilities. You want to stop second-guessing yourself and practice techniques that WORK!

The Experienced Coach

You already run a thriving coaching business, and as someone who knows the value in investing in yourself and lifelong learning, you desire to go deeper into your mastery and add more modalities to your practices...and raise your prices!

No matter which you chose as your answer, you've probably experienced a desire to go deeper with the people you help.

And you've probably also experienced the nerves that come with charging for a coaching session or program, crossing your fingers that your clients will have breakthroughs, and second-guessing if what you've provided was "enough".

Sound familiar?

create a ripple effect in your life, your business, and your clients’ lives?

 A transformation so massive, that it increases your sales, mindset, and you have raving testimonials that keep your client list full?
I want to get on the waitlist for more info!

Facilitating change in the lives of your clients and creating that ripple effect starts HERE, now, with you, making a decision to expand.

Being a successful coach requires more than being able to share your advice. Developing your knowledge, skill and toolkit of techniques is what will bring you CONFIDENCE in charging a premium for your services, and a KNOWING that what you have to offer potential clients is valuable and life-changing.

Not only is this possible for you, it's your new reality with QRE. You will be Board certified in 6 beautiful coaching and healing modalities, and have access to business mentorship and personal coaching so you're never left alone.

We can only expect our clients to go as deep as we are willing to go and when we do this, we provide a quantum ripple effect in our coaching.

What exactly is the Quantum Ripple Effect Certification and how will it help?

We have brought on some of the top experts in the field to not only give you the 5 Certifications (and your Reiki Level 1 & 2 or Master Attunement if you aren’t attuned already), but to go even deeper into your coaching practice & your own healing.

What gets taught inside of QRE has helped Erin & Lily scale their businesses to multiple 6-figure years, $30k+ cash months, and a ripple effect in their clients, leading them to create the same.


At the end of this program, you will be Board Certified as:

1. NLP Practitioner

2. Clinical Hypnotherapist

3. TIME Techniques Practitioner

4. EFT Practitioner

5. Success & Life Coach

6. Quantum Ripple Effect Coach

7. Reiki Energy Healer


Plus BONUS topics you will gain your own healing & knowledge to facilitate in:

► A readiness in your heart to go deeper into your own healing

► A desire to have more tools in your tool bet to facilitate transformation for your clients

► A knowing that you’re ready to expand your business and bank account to the next level

► Curious about NLP but wanting an experience that teaches you not only the modalities, but how to infuse them into your coaching practice AND the business strategy to sell out your offers


I want to be the first to know when the next cohort starts!



NLP Practitioner

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You’ll be able to use all the practitioner level tools of NLP to learn how to effectively support your clients through a breakthrough/shift. NLP uses the conscious and subconscious mind to create the reality they desire. 


Clinical Hypnotherapist

By using hypnotherapy, you can install new beliefs & behaviors for your clients to make the changes they desire in their life. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help people call in abundance, quit smoking, lose weight, and any other belief change.


TIME Techniques Practitioner

TIME Techniques is one of the most potent modalities I have ever experienced! If you have a client who has a negative emotion/ limiting belief that is deep rooted from childhood, past life or generational experience, they can begin to release that with this single technique! This technique supports healing memories and past experiences so you can begin to live life in an empowering way. TIME Techniques can help release negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt as well as phobias, anxiety, & limiting decisions.


EFT Practitioner

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is also known as tapping. EFT is a westernized practice that was derived from Chinese Medicine specifically acupuncture and Qi Gong - to be able to release limiting beliefs & negative emotions, so you and your clients can raise their vibrational frequency & work with their energetic current for positive change.


Success & Life Coach

Did you know coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry & every day it keeps growing and growing? With the tools in the life and success coaching portion of this certification, you’ll become a results driven coach, increase your confidence as a coach & become the coach who creates a ripple in her client’s lives & facilitates next level client results. 


Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is an Energy Healing Modality that connects with a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing via universal love and light.


Quantum Ripple Effect Coach

The QRE Method includes Erin's signature method the “FIRES” method, energetic embodiment, and understanding the energetics of business, coaching, and supporting your clients to transform in all areas of their lives.

Begin to envision your highest self. She is:

► providing a deeper transformation and has tools in her tool belt to facilitate life changing  breakthroughs 

► Helping clients clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs during a session

► Experiencing massive breakthroughs for yourself that allowed you to embrace your magic as a coach on a deeper level

► Expanding her coaching practice and programs to a place you didn’t even think was possible.

► Scaling her business to 6 & 7 figures 

► Living out her dream of being a full time coach and leaving her job

► Taking her vision board she makes every year and crossing it all off as she manifests each thing

► Having Time Freedom & flexibility to build her schedule on her terms

► Growing her Heart Centered business

► Feeling comfortable facilitating client breakthroughs in any situation

► Confident and in her POWER as a coach and the ripple effect she provides


It’s your responsibility as a coach in any capacity to be in integrity and
become the best coach you can be. Your opportunity for this is now.



You have two options once you enroll:

  1. You can participate in QRE Connected which is a 6-Month Cohort model program. This means you will have bi-weekly Zoom calls with your Trainer and cohort, monthly pod calls with your Mentor Coach and small group, your 5-Day Live Experience ticket, and lifetime access to the live community support calls. 
  2. You can also choose to participate in QRE Honoring You which is a self-paced version of the program that you will go through at your own pace, watch the recordings of the 5-Day Experience and submit your practice videos on your own time. You will also receive 2 calls with a Mentor Coach and lifetime access to community support calls.

Live Monthly Support

This program blends in pre-recorded studies and live coaching so you can get support in all areas of your life & business and become a master at your craft.


Lifetime Access to Community Support Calls:

COACHING CALLS - To support you with Inner Work, Energy Healing, Beliefs, Energetics, Somatics, Subconscious Work to guide you in Business & Life.

MODALITY CALLS - Practice the coaching modalities and techniques, & get feedback on questions you have about the curriculum.

BUSINESS COACHING - Get feedback on business strategy, marketing, sales, systems, and whatever you are needing in your business launches and scaling!

ROOTED CONVERSATIONS - Quarterly Conversations on Diversity, Running an Inclusive Business, + Decolonization led by Mentor Coaches Neha & Crystal.

COME TOGETHER: WOC Support Calls - A place for WOC to process, be heard, supported through what is happening in your life & business, led by QRE Support Coach Crystal.

OFFICE HOURS - Pop in and get Q&A around any topic related to the certification, inner work, or business!

GUEST EXPERTS - Throughout the year we have guest experts that come in and teach on specific topics ranging from business, financials, legal,DEI consultants, and energetics!


Facebook Community Support

To get your personal, business, and certification questions asked and answers on a daily basis. This is a beautiful place to build community, get feedback, create sisterhood, collaborate, and lean into support.


The Live Event Ticket is included! This will be a 5 day immersion experience in San Diego, CA with the option to attend virtually via Zoom.


Upcoming Live 5 Day Trainings:

June 2022

(Attend live in San Diego, CA or on Zoom)

QRE Connected Cohort Calls begin March 22nd, 2022 (Enrollment now closed, join the waitlist to be the first to know when the next cohort begins!)


You can also do this at your own pace through QRE Honoring You and do not need to attend a live event to receive your certification.


I'm Ready To Get Started! What Happens Next?


After you sign up in full or one of our easy payment plans: you’ll be welcomed into the FB community, receive a welcome packet + email online, and get a package delivered to your doorstep within 14 Days with all your welcome goodies and manuals!

You can begin working through the “You Go First Section” and will attend our first call on the date given.

For QRE Connected: your mentor coach & pod will be assigned to you before we begin and you’ll also meet your peer coach!

For QRE Honoring you: you’ll receive your mentor coach + study guide plan to help you stay on track!

Remember, you can either choose to join QRE Connected of QRE Honoring You.

Join the waitlist today!

Meet Your Trainers, Coaches, & Support Team:


You'll receive Bi-Weekly Cohort Calls with Erin & Lily, plus Monthly Small Group Coaching with your Mentor Coach for 6 Months! They will also check in with you weekly to see how things are going and to provide you support. If you are doing self-study, your mentor coach will reach out to do two mini sessions with you. 

Erin Nicole Porter

Head Trainer and Founder of QRE Institute & Certification

Trainer and Master-Level Practitioner of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success & Life Coaching, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Reiki Master & Breathwork Facilitator

Lily Nicole

QRE Co-Trainer and Lead Mentor Coach

Trainer and Master-Level Practitioner of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success & Life Coaching, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Reiki Master & Breathwork Facilitator

Neha Jha

Mentor Coach + Co-Leader of Rooted Conversations Inclusion + Decolonization Calls

Astrologist, Human Design Expert, Master-Level Practitioner of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success & Life Coaching, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Reiki Master

Crystal Shaw

Mentor Coach + Co-Leader of Rooted Conversations Inclusion + Decolonization Calls

Master-Level Practitioner of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success & Life Coaching, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Reiki Master

Stephanie Boyd

Mentor Coach

Master-Level Practitioner of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success & Life Coaching, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Reiki Master & Breathwork Facilitator

Em Scimeca

Mentor Coach

Master-Level Practitioner of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success & Life Coaching, EFT, TIME Techniques, and Reiki Master & Animal Intuitive

Crystal Crowell

QRE Trauma & Inclusion Trainer and Leader of QRE WOC Support Calls

 The next round of QRE Begins March 22nd!

BUT as soon as you sign up you can begin going through your journey!










Enrolling in QRE with Lily gets you access to ALL of these bonuses, FREE:

Bold Bodied Entrepreneur (value $3500)

As a bonus for enrolling in QRE, you will get FREE ACCESS to the Self Paced version of Lily's signature program, Bold Bodied Entrepreneur (a $3500 program, completely free)

Learn to LAUNCH, SELL, and EMBODY your unique power as a coach while standing out online.

MORE Money Masterclass (value $497)


This masterclass bundle is all about the principles behind money manifestation. How can you step into the energy of receiving?

Watch this masterclass, and prepare to see your bank account with a lot more 0's....in the good way!

Make MORE Money Masterclass (value $497)


This business-based money masterclass is all about ideas for implementing multiple streams of income into your business.

It's perfect for network marketers, coaches and content creators who don't want to rely on only one source of income.

14 Days of Kajabi, FREE


Kajabi is the all-in-one backbone of your online business. It's a place to host your website, create landing and sales pages (like this one!), send emails, access marketing software, and most importantly--build and host your courses and programs (like QRE!)


Ashley Beeman, Confidence Coach

When I joined Bold Bodied Entrepreneur I had just launched my new business, I was a former online health/fitness coach and was no longer aligned with the industry. When I joined BBE I was wanting to gain more confidence to own my body and show up online the way that I was craving. BBE was unlike any other course or group coaching program I had done in the past. I was blown away after each call we did. Lily really does have the tools to help you make fast breakthroughs.In the first few weeks of the course I launched my very first program with $2600 in sales. I felt confident enough to start showing up as myself and I found another level of respect for my body. This program really helped me step into the next level of my business. I would recommend this program to anyone woman who is wanting to own her body and her business. Any woman who is struggling to put herself out and share her message. Any woman who is ready to have massive break throughs and level up.

Katie Lewis, Embodiment Coach

I am wrapping up Lily Nicole's Bold Bodied Entrepreneur program and holy poop. Where do I start?? This program came at the perfect time for me. I was just coming out of a year off from building my business from traveling for 8 mo, restructuring and relaunching with a coaching service, and then a 3 mo illness. To say I was in need to some support would be an understatement. This program not only provided me with a safe and supportive container to do the work to embody my boldest, most confident business self, it also gave me incredible tools and strategies to help me take bold ACTION in my business- which we all know is key. TBH I've been having some personal life things I've needed to prioritize so I haven't finished the last few journal prompts (WHICH BY THE WAY WERE FIRE🔥) and I'm so excited to see where I'm at after putting the bow on this program. Before this program I felt unsure of how to authentically show up in front of my people. I was scared to sell MY offerings. After taking BBE I feel so aligned with how I'm showing up online. I feel confident in my ability to launch MY way, and what feels good to me. And I definitely feel embodied in my boldness. 10/10 would recommend.

Jaycee Neudorf, Dating Coach

I completed Lily Nicole's BBE program this week... and WOW. Lily is truly phenomenal at what she does 💜 As a new coach in this industry, I was having a hard time embodying who I want to be as a coach. BBE personally helped me understand this about myself and what direction I want to move forward in. Lily does a really amazing job of coaching you through creating your own programs and being able to launch those programs. On top of this, journal prompts we received were very healing for me and helped me dive deeper within myself. The group of women I got to work with in this group were also amazing! Everyone is so supportive and wonderful! Thank you Lily Nicole for everything that you do! This program truly did get me pointed in the right direction of my new coaching career, and I am so grateful!

What makes Quantum Ripple Effect so different from other NLP Certifications?

The Quantum Ripple Effect is different than any other coaching certification I’ve seen. We aren’t just certifying you in NLP and sending you on your way, you’re gaining a life changing experience that embodies personal mastery, becoming a master in your craft, and marketing in an aligned way to you, and your soul. Additionally, the QRE Coaching Certification includes trainings on diversity, inclusion, social justice, and ally-ship. This is a safe space for healing, learning, and growing.

Join the waitlist now!

 The next round of QRE Begins March 22nd!

BUT as soon as you sign up you can begin going through your journey!