Picture this:
a year of clarity around your strategy, clients, and offers;
a year of increase in testimonials, income, and engagement;
a year of consistency is your sales, energy, and content creation.

It's time to finally scale your coaching business.

Imagine putting out your next offer, and immediately experiencing this:


How many years in a row have you declared would be "the year" for your business?

What if you finally made a decision to commit to that declaration?

What if your social media content gave your clients the "duh, YES" feeling when deciding to invest in you?

What if your sales and income were as consistent as your desire to actually experience success as a coach?

How would it feel...

to have clients tagging you daily in their Instagram stories, shouting from the rooftops how grateful they are for your guidance?!

to launch an offer and immediately get the "more info please" DMs?

to finally treat your business like a BUSINESS, and therefore...get results like a business?

to have social media content and sales page copy about your programs that is as easy and vibey as the thoughts when they're in your head?


The goal is for you to create recurring, consistent revenue in 2022, and bring in $100,000-$250,000 WHILE building stability in your bank account.

I know exactly where my business and I are headed in 2022, and if we work together, I'm taking you with me.

Most business coaches think you should work with them because they're 10 steps ahead of you and can teach you to do what they've done.

Here's the thing: maybe my business has made more money than yours at this point, but that's not what's most important.

What's important is that I KNOW where the fuck I'm going, I have the drive and ambition to get there, and I'm committed to taking you along with me.

In this Mastermind, while I'm going to guide you and help you and support you, my goal is not to lead you. My goal is for you to commit to leading yourself. 

Making your own choices. 

Sticking to your own commitments. 

Expanding your reach and impact because YOU want it, not because I'm pushing you.



know you have a vision for your life and this business you're building. If you didn't, you wouldn't be reading this sales page right now.

The challenges you're experiencing aren't because you don't have a vision that you want badly enough (you want it fucking badly, right?)

They're because you aren't as CLEAR AS YOUR CRYSTAL QUARTZ about how to convey your messaging and make that vision tangible.

Discover clarity in: 

  • HOW to actually sell
  • sales page creation
  • your business vision & messaging
  • who your ideal client is
  • your clients KNOWING to invest with you
  • your self-expression
  • achieving your long-term goal


I for one am fucking over people on Instagram attacking coaches for wanting more.

IT IS OKAY TO BUILD A SERVICE-BASED BUSINESS AND EXPECT IT TO MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY. And any belief that says it's not okay is cloaked in patriarchal conditioning.

You can be in massive service to the world while serving thousands of clients, making hundreds of thousands of dollars, and enjoying the fuck out of yourself (actually, I'd argue you could be of even more powerful service if this were the case) 

Experience an increase in: 

  • monthly income
  • new & returning clients
  • visibility & social media engagement
  • sales confidence & skill
  • client testimonials
  • the love you have for your biz


If there is one thing that's necessary when building a business, it's being consistently committed to doing the things it takes to build success.

Consistency doesn't have to be as unsexy as you've painted it out to be.

JUST THINK ABOUT HOW SEXY IT IS to have your vision supported, a steady flow of money, dreamy clients, attention on Instagram. THAT'S the consistency you deserve, and all it takes is choosing to be consistent in your efforts, first.

Create consistency in: 

  • income
  • sales
  • energy
  • excitement
  • clients
  • engagement
  • content creation


 Whether you choose the Clear Quartz, Citrine, or Rose Quartz Enrollment Package, you get 3 months of access to:

  • Biweekly 90 minute - 2 hour group coaching calls on Zoom
  • Monthly hypnosis healing for income, engagement, and business growth on Zoom
  • Small group WhatsApp chat for constant support, coaching, and ideas
  • Monthly Copy Vibe Check (you submit a sales page, email launch copy, or series of Instagram posts/stories for a vibe check, feedback, and spruce up 💎)


PLUS all of the bonuses included depending on which Enrollment Package you choose (details listed below)

Clear Quartz


  • Biweekly group coaching calls
  • Monthly hypnosis for business healing
  • Monthly EFT session for releasing business blocks
  • Group WhatsApp chat
  • Monthly Copy Vibe Check 


3 month commitment



  • ALL Clear Quartz enrollment inclusions
  • Access to February 2022's session of Bold Bodied Entrepreneur ($3000 value), a program teaching you to launch + sell your offers and heal your business doubts


3 month commitment

Rose Quartz


  • ALL Citrine + Clear Quartz enrollment inclusions
  • One monthly 1:1 call with Lily for subconscious belief reprogramming and close, individual attention to your unique sales strategy ($2500 value)


3 month commitment



Jaycee Neudorf

Dating Coach

I had lots of fears around my business and felt like I just wasn't making any progress, which affected my content and showing up in the online space. My business has transformed so much!! Lily Nicole is so amazing She has helped me transform my business SO MUCH and I am so grateful for her! If you want to see results in your business...hire her RIGHT NOW. 

Ashley Beeman

Social Media Coach

At the beginning of our work together, I wasn't feeling very confident in the direction I was going in my business, but now I feel more confident than ever. I was hearing crickets on my offers before, and now I have 28 people signed up for my next free offer within a week! 


In most business masterminds, the entire focus is around "having support".

Now, I ABSOLUTELY believe in the power of having a group of people with similar goals who are holding space for your expansion, especially on the wild ride that business is.

BUT!!! AND!!!

I am a teacher at heart, and as a client, I personally value learning.

So working with me means... you gon' learn todayyyy.


1. How to embrace the identity of a sold-out coach (even before your reality reflects that).

Your success relies fairly heavily on your subconscious belief system. As a certified Trainer of NLP (meaning I specialize in identity and subconscious belief work), all of my coaching will be based around the ultimate goal of shifting your BELIEFS around your IDENTITY as a business owner + high income earner...which is what will create the consistent 5-figure months, 6-figure years, and beyond.


2. How to LAUNCH + LEVERAGE your free offers (to prep yourself for selling tf out of your paid ones).

I know you want to make tons of money helping your clients, and you will. I'll teach you the exact strategy that led to 134 people joining my free program $100k Activation, and how to bring those new free clients along the journey to becoming EXCITED AF to pay you.


3. How to create content that MAGNETIZES your dream clients to you.

Ya want them banging down your door, right? Or, I mean, blowing up your DMs, really. That starts with your CONTENT. It's got to be good enough to consistently bring new people into your social media accounts, AND to activate passive followers to be DYING to get their credit cards out in order to work with you!


4. How to create, launch, and sell BUY-WORTHY paid offers (so that you can serve your clients fully AND make that money honey).

Do you sometimes worry or wonder if your offers are "good enough" for what you're charging? With over 6 years experience in creating online courses + programs, I will help ensure that's never a worry for you again. AND we'll get your marketing DOWN...because a good coach can't make a difference if she can't sell her shit.


5. Customize and upgrade your client journey (organize a product suite with killer options for all investment levels).

Ever feel like you're reinventing the wheel every month in order to launch a program and bring clients and money in?! We'll make sure you've got your entire product suite SET and your client journey mapped out so that there is a sequence for everyone to move through no matter what level they're starting at...and FINALLY allows you to feel like you're in control of your offers instead of stuck in the hamster wheel of figuring out "what's next".
I want to be the first to know!


We'll have biweekly coaching calls throughout the Mastermind experience, where we'll go DEEP into your business specifically in all the areas listed in the section above. With a small, intimate group of coaches, our 2 hour calls will provide plenty of time for you receive answers to all of your questions and receive top-tier coaching from a subconscious mind specialist (hi yeah, that would be me -- I'm good at getting you to recognize the layers underneath)


Experience monthly live group hypnotherapy sessions on Zoom. I'm a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and my hypnosis sessions are some of my clients' favorite ways to work with me. There are so many depths we can reach in regards to moving your business forward by installing new beliefs, and deprogramming old ones so that you're no longer controlled by subconscious self doubts.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), aka Tapping, is a powerful tool for releasing any negative feelings, beliefs, or blocks around things that are happening in your business. My mom, Jeannette, will be our guest coach for these sessions! She's been an EFT Practitioner since I was in high school, and has helped hundreds of clients. You will experience a beautiful monthly shift so that you can stop avoiding the things you need to do to really grow your income and client list.


I always say to my clients--WhatsApp is where the magic happens. We will have a private group chat for everyone involved in the Mastermind (which will not be more than 10 coaches) so that you have consistent support through texting and voice messaging between our calls, so that there's never an excuse to not bring your ideas to life, now.


The monthly Copy Vibe Checks are a huge part of what makes this Mastermind unique and valuable AF--this is tangible support with making sure that your sales pages and Instagram content is as powerful as possible and will ACTUALLY convert. Each month, you'll send me a series of sales content and I'll give it a Vibe Check -- you'll get feedback and notes from me on what's AMAZING and what will make it EVEN MORE YOU -- and even more enticing to your potential clients.

BTW: I'm Lily Nicole.

I've been consistently building an online business since July 2015, and a personal brand going as far back as 2011.

I quit my job as a kindergarten teacher in June 2017, then stopped growing my MLM business and shifted to online coaching in September 2018.

The picture here is the week I took a vacation and had my first ever $950+ cash week.

I had my first $10k cash month in May 2019, my first $100k cash year that year, and have consistently brought in increasing 6-figures each year since then...all while harmonizing my hustle/rest cycle.

I work an average of 15-20 hours per week, sometimes literally 2. I believe that coaches have the capacity to make massive, beautiful incomes while living unconventionally INCREDIBLE lifestyles.


A lil' 'bout Lil:

In 2018, I still lived rent-free in my parents' basement apartment.

Today, I am 30 years old, living on the 30th floor of a high rise apartment building overlooking the harbor in Downtown San Diego.

I live with my boyfriend Curtis, and our daughter will be joining us at the end of March 2022.

(I know, this kinda stuff isn't usually on a sales page, but I personally LOVE knowing things about my coaches and their personal lives, so...you're welcome, to the nosy clients like me).

Fun facts: I journal every day, am completely sober from alcohol since March 2021 after deciding I'd had enough of being a wild child, and come from a huge family of women (literally 14/16 cousins are girls, growing up was fun).

My Qualifications:

Now lemme preface this real quick: I started my coaching business with zero official certifications or qualifications other than my own personal experiences and knowledge.

I do think that's a beautiful thing about the coaching industry--while legitimate education is powerful and amazing (I actually am a Trainer in my friend Erin's coaching certification company)...no pressure if you're not there yet.

If you've got an idea for a business, and you're ready to show up with it, you're golden.

But anywayyyy:

I am a Master Coach and Trainer of NLP, Success & Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, and T.I.M.E. Techniques™, as well as a Reiki Master and Breathwork facilitator.


Included in Citrine & Rose Quartz Enrollment:

Bold Bodied Entrepreneur is my signature program that guides you through developing your identity as a coach, and FULLY owning and taking up space in that way.

It is designed to help you create confidence and consistency through embodiment work, and THEN move into strategy-based trainings around EXACTLY how to launch and sell for your unique business style.


What coaches are saying about BBE:

Mel Davis

I completed Lily Nicole's BBE program...and WOW.

Lily is truly phenomenal at what she does.

As a new coach in this industry, I was having a hard time embodying who I want to be as a coach. BBE personally helped me understand this about myself and what direction I want to move forward in. Lily does a really amazing job of coaching you through creating your own programs and being able to launch those programs.

On top of this, journal prompts we received were very healing for me and helped me dive deeper within myself. The group of women I got to work with were also amazing! Everyone is so supportive and wonderful.

Thank you, Lily Nicole, for everything that you do! This program truly did get me pointed in the right direction of my new coaching career, and I am so grateful!

Katie Lewis

This program not only provided me with a safe and supportive container to do the work to embody my boldest, most confident business self, it also gave me incredible tools and strategies to help me take bold ACTION in my business--which we all know is key.

Before this program I felt unsure of how to authentically show up in front of my people. I was scared to sell MY offerings. After taking BBE I feel so aligned with how I'm showing up online. I feel confident in my ability to launch MY way, and what feels good to me. And I definitely feel embodied in my boldness.

10/10 would recommend.

Elizabeth Goncalves


Before going into the program, I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do for my business, what I wanted to focus on, or my niche.

I came into the program and set the intention to "own it". Own what I had to share, own who I am as a coach. Also, I wanted to know how to show up and feel safe in my body sharing value.

Since doing BBE, Lily Nicole has helped me own who I am and what I want to help people with. She gave me permission to do what was on my heart, to focus on shadow work.

I learned how our bodies are a sacred vessel that has so much to do with how we show up and own who we are, excited about our value and our offers

This program has helped me so much with the start of my business and I can't wait to do her next program!

Get access to the next round BBE by choosing an upgraded enrollment option at checkout.



That's all I've got for you. The next move is yours, coach.

I want you to take a moment and think about 2022 for a moment.

The goals you're going to reach.

The clients you're going to work with.

The programs you're going to sell-out.

The money you're going to make.

The magic you're going to create.


If what you're already doing in your business is going to get you there, then that's amazing, and I'm excited to watch you do some next-level shit.

But if you have read all the way to the end of this sales page and are feeling those nervous-excited butterflies in your belly because you have an intense feeling that our work together through the Quarter Mill Mastermind is meant to be a part of what supports you in reaching all that's listed above...

Then I cannot wait to work with you, my love.