Here's my issue with the manifestation industry.

Here’s my issue with the manifestation industry.

Disclaimer: I’ve been guilty of the stuff I’m about to talk about in the past, and I’m sure that I’m currently guilty of something that I’ll complain about in the future. 🌱growth🌱

Manifestation coaches treat manifestation like it’s magic.

And now I have my bf’s voice in my head, “but didn’t you say that it IS magic?”

Okay, yes. I believe everything about life is magic. Like the fact that I have a body that can live and breathe, let alone type this message out tht can be read by anyone in the world? FUCKING MAGIC.

But WORDS are important. And because of Sabrina and any other fantasy story you want to insert—we view “magic” as waving a wand and 🪄poof🪄 something appears out of thin air.

So when Miss Manifestation tells you to make a vision board and tape affirmations around your house, you do it and you’re excited for the G-wagon to land in your driveway and the random check from an insurance company to appear in your mailbox just like she said it would!!

But that’s not it. The reason vision boards and affirmations work is because of what they do to your subconscious mind. The idea is that you’ll look at the vision board every day, your mind will always be looking for opportunities to make that board your reality, and it will make decisions that align you with that reality.

It’s not the magic of the Universe. It’s the magic of your human brain.

And THIS is why I’ve created the Manifest More Guided Journal (launching 4/11!!). Because you can’t wish your way to the life you want, and I also don’t recommend “working your ass off” to get there either, bc that is exhausting and I bet there are better ways 😇

For each thing or experience you want, there are 12 pages of prompts for you to get your subconscious on board with the plan.

It connects your MIND (all the thoughts and beliefs you currently have, plus the ones you need to have to get what you want), BODY (feelings, emotions, physiology), and SOUL (any woo-woo you want to bring in), PLUS room for identity work, brain dumps and more.

There are also 11 sets of bonus journal prompts and 33 affirmations, just for fun.

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