Save over $1400 on all of my top-selling  courses while I'm on Maternity Leave!



Did you start your business in order to create a life of freedom? I know that's why I started mine. 

I was a tired kindergarten teacher, and even though I loved the kids and honestly could have taught for the rest of my life...learning about the world of online coaching showed me how intensely I could change the trajectory of my WHOLE LIFE.
You feel me, right??
What I didn't fully consider when I started my business was that there would be times I'd want to take time off, and that if my business wasn't structured to continuously bring in income during those times, I'd struggle to pay bills.
Which wasn't a very freeing thought.


Six and a half years after starting my business, my first baby is being born in March 2022!

And luckily, I've set up my business in a way that allows me to continue generating income while I take time to bond with my sweet babe, free from work.
The life of freedom that had been the goal all along.
I've created the Maternity Leave Package so that you can get access to EVERY program, course, and masterclass I've ever created since the start of my business.
You'll receive business trainings, mindset and manifestation trainings to call in more money, more clients, love yourself on a deeper level...
... and not only that, BUT you will also see the ENTIRE PICTURE of how my business has been run from the start.
You'll see the full picture of how I've built my business over the years, generated enough income through the programs you're about to invest in, and because of that am able to pay a team to keep my business afloat while I take months off by selling all of the offers I've made over the years (meaning they're still generating income for me long after they've busied up my schedule).
If this is what you want to guarantee for your business (it should be if you want sustainable growth > random bursts of income)....then take advantage of this $1400+ discounted bundle!
Available ONLY while I'm on Maternity Leave, and when it's's gone.
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With the Maternity Leave Package you'll receive all of best selling courses in one bundle, valued at over $2000+ for just $777 (or one of our payment plans)

Yes please!

Sold separately for $127

  • Income Energetics vs. Strategy Training (28 minutes)
  •  Journal Your Way to $100k Guide (5 prompts)
  • Activating Your 6-Figure Self Training (59 minutes)
  •  $100k Activation Hypnosis (28 minutes)
  • Simplifying Sales Copy Training (54 minutes)
  • Removing Shame from Money Training (48 minutes)
  •  BONUS Q+A Training (51 minutes)

Sold separately for $127

  • Module 1: Introduction (1 training)
  • Module 2: Building Connection (6 trainings)
  • Module 3: Your Profile (5 trainings)
  • Module 4: Monetizing (6 trainings)
  • Module 5: Tutorials (2 trainings)

Sold separately for $97

  • Get Paid to Be You Training (50 minutes)
  •  Taking Action Training (44 prompts)
  • Creation Queen Training (33 minutes)
  •  Fuck the Money Struggle (47 minutes)
  • Freemiums (43 minutes)
  • Dating Your Launch (42 minutes)
  •  BONUS Q+A Training (33 minutes)

Sold separately for $27

  • Intro to Inner Child Work Training (14 minutes)
  • Connect with Your Inner Child Training (16 minutes)
  •  Inner Child & Manifestation Training (8 minutes)
  • Healing Negative Emotions Audio (15 minutes)
  • Inner Child Journal Prompts (12 prompts)
  •  Meet Your Inner Child Hypnosis (22 minutes)
  •  EFT Tapping for Embracing Safety

Sold separately for $97

  • Welcome Training (11 minutes)
  •  Body Affirmations Guide (11 affirmations)
  • Body Connection Journal Prompts (5 prompts)
  •  Understanding Chakras (15 minutes)
  • EFT for Confidence (15 minutes)
  • Inner Child Body Love Meditation (22 minutes)
  •  21 Day Mirror Work Challenge
  • 3 Bonus Guides & Audios

PLUS...another bundle within the bundle! 🤯

Sold separately for $555

A 3-phase bundle that guides you through EVERYTHING you need to know and do to manifest the life of your dreams.

  • Learning the Spiritual Basics
  • Self-Assurance & Understanding Intuition
  • Healing & Releasing Old Patterns

which includes...

Available EXCLUSIVELY in the Manifest More Bundle ($111)

  • 13 Actionable Homework Assignments
  • 4 Affirmations
  • Understanding Manifestation Training (51 minutes)
  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs Training (38 minutes)
  • Visualization Training + Meditation (35 minutes)
  • Goddess Mode Training (32 minutes)
  • BONUS: Vision Board Training (59 minutes)

Sold separately for $333

  • 26 Journal Prompts
  • Follow Your Fears Training (32 minutes)
  • Setting New Standards Training (44 minutes)
  • Releasing Judgment Training (34 minutes)
  • Aligned Decisions Training (37 minutes)
  • Emotional Confidence & Inner Healing (24 minutes)
  • Trusting Your Intuition (30 minutes)

Available EXCLUSIVELY in the Manifest More Bundle ($777)

  • 33 Journal Prompts
  • Inner Child Training (64 minutes)
  • Forgiveness & Judgment (34 minutes)
  • Emotional Intelligence Training (67 minutes)
  • Limiting Decisions Training (41 minutes)
  • Rise & Receive Training (45 minutes)
  • Anchoring Celebration Training (38 minutes)

Plus 18 bonus meditations, guides, & trainings

(over $500+ value)



Get the Maternity Leave Package now and have everything you need to scale your business...


...from both a strategic AND energetic level.

I'm Ready

With the Maternity Leave Package you'll receive all of best selling courses in one bundle, valued at over $2000+ for just $777 (or one of our payment plans)

Yes please!