It's time to STOP doubting yourself,

& time to START following your heart.

Watch this video for a sample of what you'll experience in the program:



  • shopping for clothes that are different than the jeans/tank top/cardigan combo you wear every day and allowing yourself to embrace your true sense of style
  • saying “no, I don’t want to spend my energy on that” or “yes, I’d LOVE to” with full conviction, going after what you desire without fear that others will judge you or experience minor inconveniences because of you
  • going on dates and NOT feeling like a paranoid freak afterwards wondering what he felt, knowing what you’ve got to offer and that if someone doesn’t want that it just means there’s something better coming next
  • enjoying time out with friends without going home so focused on that one really weird thing you said that’s now taking over your thoughts...without worrying that everyone is talking about you behind your back
  • not feeling like the world is going to end when you lose a job or go through a breakup or experience a loss, knowing that all of your experiences are molding you to be ready to receive the amazingness and abundance that is to come
  • always having that inner-knowing feeling that things will work out for the best, and then watching them work out for the best, just like you knew they would

Confidence is NOT just about loving how you look (although that’s a fun side effect of it)


It’s about loving and owning who you are, the things and people and experiences you desire, and not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone in order to experience growth.


Because your confidence and belief in the power of yourself, your thoughts and the Universe have you sure that everything will always turn out for your highest good.


Okay, I need this

Confidence Catalyst is for the woman who:

  • is tired of wavering back and forth between decisions (that “should I/shouldn’t I??” anxiety)
  • wants to feel so confident in her choices that she doesn’t feel the need to justify what she wants to others and just GOES for it
  • is ready to learn to trust her gut and intuition
  • wants to build confidence in her body, mind and spirit
  • is ready to make choices that allow her to leap forward in life
  • is done holding herself back out of fear of not having enough money or of what people will think
  • is tired of watching others live lives they don’t believe are possible for themselves
  • is ready to step into a place of abundance and overflow
  • no longer wants to let doubts rule her life
Say no more, I'm already in.

LESSON 1: Follow Your Fears

ALL change happens from outside of your comfort zone.

  • Define what confidence looks like for you
  • Learn to work WITH your fears rather than run from them
  • Get what you actually want

32 minute video training + 8 journal prompts


LESSON 2: Setting New Standards

YOU get to decide what your life looks like.

  • Learn to accept and receive good things in your life
  • Raise your standards to align with your desires
  • Experience a Highest Self Visualization

44 minute video training + 7 journal prompts


LESSON 3: Releasing Judgment

Letting go of judgment against others and ourselves FREES us.

  • Set strong boundaries in your world
  • Understand and embrace the importance of forgiveness
  • Learn how to let shit go and stop caring about the judgment of others

34 minute video training + 1 journal prompt


LESSON 4: Aligned Decisions

Not making firm decisions is what's holding you back from what you want.

  • Step into your power and get rid of "decision fatigue"  and anxiety
  • Learn to trust your gut and work with your intuition
  • Learn the connection between decisions and manifestation 

37 minute video training + 1 journal prompt

LESSON 5: Emotional Confidence

Your emotions are the baseline of how you experience life.

  • Learn the practice of Power Popping to deal with different emotions
  • Stand confidently in your emotions--the good and bad--to create your desired reality
  • Learn to trust yourselves and others

24 minute video training + 8 journal prompts

LESSON 6: Trusting Your Intuition

Let yourself be guided by YOU rather than outside forces.

  • Understand the vastness of your worth
  • Release stress around standing up for yourself
  • Self love letter writing experience

30 minute video training + 1 journal prompt


Are you ready for YOUR moments of clarity?

  • Follow Your Fears Training + Prompts (Valued at $97)
  • Setting New Standards Training, Prompts + Visualization (Valued at $127)
  • Releasing Judgment Training + Prompts (Valued at $97)
  • Aligned Decisions Training + Prompts (Valued at $97)
  • Emotional Confidence Training + Prompts (Valued at $97)
  • Trusting Your Intuition Training + Prompts (Valued at $97)

Total Value = $612


Yes! I Am Ready To Get Started!

If you’re reading this and your stomach is in knots,

You’re scared, afraid of committing to “yet another” thing,

Wondering if you’ll follow through...

Then this program is 100% for you.


Confidence Catalyst has been designed to help you STOP DOUBTING yourself and follow your heart.

To teach you how to look past the judgments of your parents, peers and best friends in order to live the life that you were designed to rather than a life you’re settling for out of obligation or embarrassment.

YOU have to make the first decision to enroll. And for those who are brave enough, we will build you the confidence to continuously make decisions that take your life to the next level.

Out of your comfort zone and into a life of excitement, passion, joy, confidence.

If you are ready to attract a life of confidence, abundance, and pure LOVE...

Then it's time.

It's time to decide.

Knowing what you desire and allowing yourself to have it feels so fucking good.

Knowing that you’re worthy of what you want and feeling confident enough to ask for it, or to do the work to get it...feels so GOOD.

Not sitting around waiting for permission to live YOUR life... That. Feels. So. Fucking. Good.

For women who are ready to harness their power and step into the most confident version of themselves:

I'm 100% Ready To Step Into Confidence