Understanding the Subconscious Mind

Oct 06, 2021

Want to know why it’s so hard to change a habit “even when you know better”? I’m about to tell you.


We are consciously aware of only 5% of our mind’s daily activity.


This means that 95% of all of your thoughts, feelings, fears and decisions are taking place in your subconscious mind (SCM).


The reason this is helpful for us as humans is we can run through daily tasks on autopilot. We don’t have to THINK about each individual action involved in brushing our teeth in the morning, we just automatically get up and do it, leaving more space in our conscious mind (CM) for thoughts around our to-do lists and new ideas.


You’ve probably become consciously aware of your SCM taking control before while driving—suddenly looking up and realizing you safely got to your destination without feeling like you paid any attention to turns, traffic lights or other cars.


Our SCM’s prominence is handy for the most...

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Manifest Your Goals Overnight

Mar 29, 2021

In 2015, I was living in my parents' basement.

I had no windows, cold, concrete walls, and while I wasn't in school teaching, I was building an online coaching business from my bed (there was no room for a desk).

I was also in a constant battle with my body (and always "losing"), worrying that my boyfriend at the time would leave me (he did), and stressed to the max about money, friendships, and my rude, out-of-touch boss.

I'm sitting here in 2021 writing you this email from my porch in San Diego.

I live in a one bedroom apartment with big windows and natural sunlight, a porch that connects to both my bedroom and living room and opens up to a beautiful view of palm trees and blue sky.

The sun is beating down on my face (it's about 75 and perfect today), I'm listening to the wind and the seagulls, and I'm sending so much love to that girl in the basement who wanted more for her life and decided that she would have it, even without any idea "how".


Here's what I did: I...

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