Don't "What If" Yourself To Death

Sep 22, 2021

When you’re preparing to commit to something new, your brain runs through the list of reasons you should stay right the fuck in your lane:

  • you’re already too busy
  • you never commit to change
  • you should really save your money
  • you’re not that type of person


Here’s my question: what if none of that were true?


What if making this new choice was going to help you stay calm about your schedule? Was going to help you see “busy” as “full and active and energizing” rather than “I don’t have time for ANYTHING ELSE”? What if you flipped your mindset from desiring change to desiring growth? What if you didn’t have to become a different person, you just got to grow into the soul that already (and always has) existed inside you?


What if the reason you feel insecure about your money is because you never learned wealth care? What if you let your money flow to the places you felt pulled to spend it,...

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