What is Intuitive Eating and HOW do I do it?

Mar 30, 2021

How do you eat intuitively? one of the most popular questions I get asked on my what I ate in a day in my plus size body TikTok videos (@lilynicole.co)

Here’s where the confusion comes in: most people try to eat intuitively by listening to their minds when what is really required is listening to your body.

And it’s easier said than done, for sure. There are still so many times that I finish a meal and think—my body didn’t really want or need that. And the MOST IMPORTANT part of leaving diets behind and stepping into trusting your intuition is firmly deciding to embrace self-forgiveness. For all the ways you’ve treated your body up until this moment, and all of the ups and downs that will continue to happen as you learn to trust your body.

It’s not an overnight process, and it’s not supposed to be. Usually, when someone steps out of counting calories and tracking all of their meals for weight loss, their brain leads them towards foods...

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Manifest Your Goals Overnight

Mar 29, 2021

In 2015, I was living in my parents' basement.

I had no windows, cold, concrete walls, and while I wasn't in school teaching, I was building an online coaching business from my bed (there was no room for a desk).

I was also in a constant battle with my body (and always "losing"), worrying that my boyfriend at the time would leave me (he did), and stressed to the max about money, friendships, and my rude, out-of-touch boss.

I'm sitting here in 2021 writing you this email from my porch in San Diego.

I live in a one bedroom apartment with big windows and natural sunlight, a porch that connects to both my bedroom and living room and opens up to a beautiful view of palm trees and blue sky.

The sun is beating down on my face (it's about 75 and perfect today), I'm listening to the wind and the seagulls, and I'm sending so much love to that girl in the basement who wanted more for her life and decided that she would have it, even without any idea "how".


Here's what I did: I...

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I Miscarried an Unplanned Pregnancy

Oct 15, 2020

I miscarried a pregnancy I didn’t plan for. And I need to talk about it.


I recently learned from a man who looks at the structure of your face and can tell your personality type that I am a type that processes through sharing.


I was advised to keep close friends around who listen to me, and I laughed. I’ve been sharing my life with thousands of people on the internet since I was 19.


So when I took that positive pregnancy test while visiting my parents in New Jersey on September 29, I wanted nothing more than to tell the world. To process through writing and sharing. But based on everything I’d heard about the first few weeks of pregnancy, I decided to refrain from posting.


And here I am, 15 days later on October 14, in a hospital bed, writing out the announcement of a surprise, unplanned pregnancy at the same time as I announce this surprise, unplanned loss of it.


I don’t know when I’ll share this. Not yet. Maybe...

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