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Freedom: What Does it Look Like To You?

business coach business owner financial freedom freedom Oct 20, 2021

What’s freedom to you?


Freedom to me is being able to do what I want, when I want to do it.


Fly across the country for a week, launch a coaching program to make a few grand, spend a week on the couch with some good novels.


Freedom to me is…not doing what I don’t want to do, when I don’t feel like doing it.


Not feeling pressured to work just because I “should”, knowing that I can support myself (abundantly) on 10 hours/week…not saying yes to invitations to hang out when I’d rather be alone, not have to tell the whole world all of my business at every moment (even when my whole business is based around sharing my life).


THAT’S freedom to me.


Not $80,000 months because I have 20 private clients who take up all my time so I HAVE to make $20k in the bathtub because multitasking relaxation with work is the only way I get to relax 🤪


Embodied business is about erasing all of the outside noise, breathing into the peace in your body, and knowing who you are meant to be and how you are meant to live, without a shadow of a doubt.


Because there are enough 7-figure coaches for the new business owners who want to work 60 hour weeks.


But until you embody who YOU are and stop trying to emulate their attitudes in order to gain their success…


You’ll never have your success. And the humans who want the lifestyle you ACTUALLY want, when you quiet the noise enough to listen to yourself…are missing out on you.


You get to be different. You get to do less, be quieter, be on your own more…


…and you still get to make massive fucking waves in the lives of the people who need you to go first. 💙