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How to Eat Intuitively

What is Intuitive Eating and HOW do I do it?

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How do you eat intuitively? ⬅️ one of the most popular questions I get asked on my what I ate in a day in my plus size body TikTok videos (

Here’s where the confusion comes in: most people try to eat intuitively by listening to their minds when what is really required is listening to your body.

And it’s easier said than done, for sure. There are still so many times that I finish a meal and think—my body didn’t really want or need that. And the MOST IMPORTANT part of leaving diets behind and stepping into trusting your intuition is firmly deciding to embrace self-forgiveness. For all the ways you’ve treated your body up until this moment, and all of the ups and downs that will continue to happen as you learn to trust your body.

It’s not an overnight process, and it’s not supposed to be. Usually, when someone steps out of counting calories and tracking all of their meals for weight loss, their brain leads them towards foods they’ve restricted themselves from for so long. And while binging on pizza and ice cream sounds fun in theory if you’re not worried about your weight, it doesn’t actually make your body feel good to eat more than you need all of the time.

Those are the decisions I was talking about that come from your mind.

If you agree to have patience with yourself, over time, you’ll learn the difference between signals from your mind and your body. And you won’t always listen, and that’s okay. You’ll learn to deepen the connection and understanding of yourself more and more as time goes on.

Gaining weight might be part of the process for you. It was for me. But that doesn’t mean your body has to or will stay that way.

My goal is always to allow my body to be what it is at the moment it’s in. To continue to listen to it more clearly, and respect it and protect it more fiercely.

And that’s how I built this relationship with my body.

In one of my Bold Bodied podcast episodes, @justine_snacks and I talked a lot about this. Check out episode 69 here or wherever you listen to podcasts and tag us in your story when you do! 💙✨👑

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