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The #1 Way to Increase Views on TikTok

algorithms business coach content creation money manifestation social media growth tiktok tiktok views Apr 21, 2021

This is why your TikTok views suck: you're not getting to the freaking point. And I have my top 4 tips to help you fix that.

See what I did there? How this blog post started, and you IMMEDIATELY know what I'm going to teach you?

Now you know not to move on to the millions of other options you have on the Internet right now. Because you're interested in what I have to say here.

TikTok is THE best place for business owners to grow an audience and community right now, and so many people are giving up before they even get started because they're frustrated with a lack of results.

"It's supposed to be easy! It is for everyone else!"

And it is easy. Or at least, it's simple.

But the culture of TikTok is quick moving. 15-60 second videos, and viewers have the ability to scroll away in half a second to the next of an infinite number of videos if they don't care about what you're saying immediately.

As a TikTok viewer myself, I'd say you have MAYBE a second and a half to pull me in before I'm moving on to the next.

So, like I said: get to the freaking point.

My top tips for this:

1. Cut out the filler words and introductions. No one needs to know that your name is Sally and you've been thinking about something interesting that you want to share. Just spit it out! What's interesting?

2. Speak out loud the topic of your video first thing, as often as you can. For example, my viral "what I ate in a day in my plus size body videos" (WIAIAD) started with my voiceover saying "here's what I ate in a day in my plus size body" 9 times out of 10.

3. Place text onto the video that also covers the same thing as above. Using the same example, my WIAIAD videos always had text floating in the video for the first 5 seconds that said "what I ate in a day in my plus size body". A bonus tip here is if you're creating a series, keep the text style you use consistent so that regular viewers recognize you as soon as your video comes up.

4. Edit the clips of your video to cut out the silent parts of you clicking the record or stop record button, or the parts where you inevitably say "soooo" or "well anyways" as a new clip begins.


I go into detail and provide tutorials for all of this and way more in my program, Monetize Your TikTok.

I've built a small-medium audience (yes, 75k is pretty small in comparison to the potential there) and still brought in over $30k in sales of my own offers, affiliate deals, brand sponsorships, and payment for video views, since I started my account in March of 2020.

Get immediate access TODAY and develop a game plan for your account.

No more time to waste. Those TikTok-attention-spans require you to keep up with the times. So lets go, what do you say?

YES! I'm Ready to Monetize My TikTok.

I'll be sharing some more tips here soon, so be sure to come back for more.