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Manifesting Your Goals Overnight

Manifest Your Goals Overnight

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In 2015, I was living in my parents' basement.

I had no windows, cold, concrete walls, and while I wasn't in school teaching, I was building an online coaching business from my bed (there was no room for a desk).

I was also in a constant battle with my body (and always "losing"), worrying that my boyfriend at the time would leave me (he did), and stressed to the max about money, friendships, and my rude, out-of-touch boss.

I'm sitting here in 2021 writing you this email from my porch in San Diego.

I live in a one bedroom apartment with big windows and natural sunlight, a porch that connects to both my bedroom and living room and opens up to a beautiful view of palm trees and blue sky.

The sun is beating down on my face (it's about 75 and perfect today), I'm listening to the wind and the seagulls, and I'm sending so much love to that girl in the basement who wanted more for her life and decided that she would have it, even without any idea "how".


Here's what I did: I committed. I decided to be committed, really.

We waste so much time and energy balancing on the fence of indecision when if we just leapt off to the side we want to be on, all of our efforts could be focused on building a home on that side of the fence.

It's pretty difficult to build a home when you don't know which side of the fence you'll build it on.

You can't plan the layout or build the foundation, because what if you end up on the other side?

But if you make a decision to build the house on one side of the fence, you can get started immediately. You can create plans, and those plans can be put into action.


What I mean by this metaphor is this:

You say you want your life to look and feel a certain way, yet you aren't sure you'll be able to achieve it.

So instead of deciding and declaring that you WILL have a better life and landing on that side of the fence, you're balancing between that life and the life you currently have on the other side of the fence.

You can't properly build upon either, and you just stay stuck in limbo. Daydreaming about having more while not being able to make any big, meaningful moves towards it, because you haven't decided which side of the fence you're going to build on.


Every moment is an opportunity for a firm decision. To declare to yourself, "I want more, and I'm going to have it. Even though I have no idea how."

Now, your subconscious mind can get to work on building your new life. On laying the foundation, on forming connections and taking on opportunities that present themselves that are only relevant and possible now that you've landed on this side of the fence.

And your dream life begins to be built.


Are you ready to jump off of the fence of indecision and DECIDE, right now, that your dream life is YOURS to be manifested?

Good. I'm really fucking proud of you. And I have some guidance that will help.

I host a Manifest Before Bed Hypnosis on the first Monday of every month.

Hypnosis speaks to your subconscious mind and helps you align with the actions that will get you where you desire to go, and the beliefs that will allow you to be who you desire to be.

There is truly no better way to express this commitment to your next level life than to set aside 45 minutes per month to visualize it, connect with it, strengthen it, fully feel the emotions that come with it.

Doing it at night, before bed, allows the suggestions to continue seeping into your subconscious deeper and deeper as you sleep, turning your manifestations into an overnight process.

You'll be shocked and amazed at how quickly this new life of yours comes together, whether you're manifesting a new career, business, higher income, relationships, home, experiences, body confidence, self love, or anything else.


Will you join us for these monthly hypnosis sessions?

If you're serious about deciding to commit to your goals, I know you will.


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Lily Nicole