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Manifesting your dream life

Manifesting the Life Of Your Dreams

body positive business coach dream dream life healing life coach manifest manifestation manifestation tips self love coach Jul 28, 2021

Who I am now is not who I have always been. I’ve been you. Struggling with my body, in debt, feeling unlovable, unsure of every business move made. 

I want you to envision this:

It’s 2013.

I’ve just graduated college and am fresh out of a toxic 4 year relationship/engagement (new beginnings overload).

I hate my body, am over $10,000 deep in credit card debt, moving back into my childhood bedroom, feeling allllll of the shame/guilt/frustration/embarrassment that comes along with all of the above.

 Oooooffff. Just thinking back to that time makes me want to give 2013-Lily the biggest hug.

 I know that right now you’re wondering -- how do you go from being in that position to running a 6-figure coaching and healing company?

 And that’s what I’m here to tell you. Let me fill you in on the details. Leading up to this point, I was overly-reliant on acceptance and love from other people to define my self-worth.

If people liked me, I felt okay. If they didn’t, or I just *felt* like *maybe* they didn’t--I would take it in as immediate confirmation that I was:

  1. Too fat
  2. Too in debt
  3. Too embarrassing
  4. All of the above

 And what I allowed all of these things to mean were: I’m not lovable. But something inside of me always knew that life didn’t have to be this way. Something inside me knew that I was meant for more. It was a voice inside of me that had grown quieter over the years, but I could still hear it sometimes.

I could remember the child-version of me feeling filled with hope and excitement for my future.

And once it hit me that I was the one who was now responsible for giving that little girl her happy ending… Again, I’ll say: oooooffffff.

I am solely responsible for all of the good things that come to me.

I can and WILL manifest the life that I want. And that is when it all began to change.



Lily Nicole