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Bold Bodied Podcast Ep. 120 | How to Actually Make Sales as an Online Coach

business businessowner online coach sales sales mentor May 16, 2022

Do you truly believe you are worthy of having a successful coaching business?


Do you feel worthy of having people pay you for what you provide for them?


In this episode Lily goes over her secret to ACTUALLY making sales in an online business, and it might not be exactly what you think. 


Lily truly believes that what you think about yourself, is going to affect how you express yourself, how you express yourself is the energy others soak up! Ask yourself, why are you willing to invest in any coach? I’m sure it wasn’t a sales page or an instagram story. It's the energy they exuded that you wanted to be a part of. 


Tune in today for a feel good episode about worthiness as a coach and how to be your best self, so others want to be in your energy and work with you!

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