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Embodied Rest: Hustle Culture is Over

6 figure business owner business coach coaching coaching industry Nov 03, 2021

Online entrepreneurs have begun to preach more rest…which is good.


The trouble for most comes when trying to understand

embodied rest vs forced rest…

True rest vs guilt rest…

Rest for rest’s sake vs rest because you believe your business will reward you for it…


Hustle culture is done. People step into the world of online coaching to get away from the 9-5, constantly working, always “on” stress.


And yes, work is required to get to where you want to go, there were definitely times I hustled my ass off while building my business.


And there were also so many instances of guilt free rest.


Rest in the form of actual rest, or just in the form of time off, car rides, day trips, workouts.


Might my business be further along if I refused to stop the hustle? Maybe.


But what’s the point of that? Do I want a business so that I can have a successful business, or do I want a business so that I can be fully in control of all aspects of my life and choose what I do with myself?


I won’t lie. For awhile, in the beginning, it was the first.


There was a “proving” energy strong inside of me. To show all the people I grew up with who thought I was shy and mild that I could outwork and out-win them all.


And then, as I focused on my own coaching, on my own self, that stopped mattering. And what became important was being present in every moment of my life…the moments I felt like working my ass off and the moments I didn’t.


And feeling the gratitude for listening to the difference.


Embodied business is bold. It’s unique because it’s new, it’s unpracticed, it involves not needing to be better than everyone but instead, be fully yourself.


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Most fulfilled in your work.

Most at home in your body.

Most alive in your life.