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Coaches: You're Allowed to Focus On The Now

business owner coach coaches coaching industry Oct 27, 2021

Had a convo on a client call yesterday about constantly searching for that “sweet spot” in life.


The coaching industry is full of people telling us to constantly grow, achieve, reach for more (my page has been full of that too, I know!)


Here’s what I’ve realized after dedicating over half a decade to this work:


🔷 it’s not about creating a life of “more” in the future, it’s about recognizing all of the MORE there is in your life right now 🔷


It’s a complicated topic for people new to personal development and growth. I started this work because my life DIDN’T feel perfect, so wasn’t the point to focus on future goals to MAKE my life perfect?


I think it’s ridiculous to believe that EVERYTHING in our life is meant to stay the same all the time. If I hadn’t focused on what I wanted in my future, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


But I also know that if I hadn’t focused on finding happiness in the present, none of these future goals could have manifested.


And I ALSO know that I am now in a season when being FULLY PRESENT and appreciative of each singular, passing moment is most important to me.


You can work constantly to make more money, be more successful, have more experiences and things, and if that makes you happy—I’m not here to stop you. I know it made me really happy for a long time.


And I also want you to know that it’s safe to just be, to not be a constant work in progress, to accept that where you are right now is exactly where you’re meant to be.


I lead by example in my program Bold Bodied Entrepreneur, and teach coaches how to hold space for expansion while ALSO appreciating and celebrating how full their clients lives are right now. (that will have a second round soon message me for the deets!) 


PS, whether you’re happy where you’re planted or desiring newer, higher heights, there’s nothing wrong with you. Don’t let any post tell you otherwise.


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