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Aligning Yourself With The Life You Want

align alignment change your life morning ritual Sep 29, 2021

The life you want already exists, it’s just waiting for you to step into it


my apartment complex existed long before I thought of it and appeared here

it was always already here and available for me

I just had to step into alignment with the type of person who would find it

and that type of person was someone who lived in CA and was looking for apartments


my boyfriend was alive and walking this earth before I was

he’s always existed, was always available to me

I just had to step into alignment with the version of me who would meet him

who would receive him

who he’d receive


what you want is already yours

the money, the impact, the love, the results


it’s all already here

you just have to become the person who says yes and no with conviction when your gut tells you it’s the right next move, even if you consciously don’t know why and even if it’s crazy and scary


because otherwise you’ll just keep repeating the same chapters

and you have so much more of your story to write

so make the decisions that lead you there

and get to it


That life is waiting.




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