When You Keep Falling off Track With Your Goals

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2021

We’ve all been there.

That feeling of falling off track or going backwards after having felt like you were doing "so well" (whatever that means, right??)


For example:

You're over your breakup, you're thriving, Bumbling like a boss, feeling great...and then you wake up one morning after an embarrassing drunk dialing moment.

You build a new solid routine for yourself, waking up early, working out, eating well, journaling, mediating...and then completely fall off track with it for a reason you can't pinpoint.

You feel healed from a certain painful memory...and then something brings the fear and shame back up inside of you full force.


Frustrating, right?

Why can't I just get this right?

Why am I the only one who can't make this stick?


First: you're not the only one. There just aren't too many people out there bragging about texting their exes and eating 6 bowls of ice cream in one night or reliving their worst life experiences in their head, ya know?

No, it doesn't matter that other people are going through it with you, because your journey is unique and your soul's path is individual, but it does help as a human to feel more connected and as though our healing is collective rather than lonely.


Second: you're still healing. Healing isn't linear, and there's not really any such thing as "healed". It's an ongoing verb, not a finite one.

Things shift and change, you feel on top of the world one day and questioning everything the next, and it's all for a purpose.

The top of the world feelings are there to remind you of how good life has the opportunity to be, and the hard times that make you question everything are there in order to give you the chance to dig deeper. 

To learn more. Uncover more. Heal more.


You are okay, exactly as you are.

Worthy, exactly as you are.

In every single stage.

Every single up or down.




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