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Understanding the Subconscious Mind

business coach coaching coaching craft mind mindset mindset work scm subconscious mind subsconscious Oct 06, 2021

Want to know why it’s so hard to change a habit “even when you know better”? I’m about to tell you. 🧠


We are consciously aware of only 5% of our mind’s daily activity. 🤯


This means that 95% of all of your thoughts, feelings, fears and decisions are taking place in your subconscious mind (SCM).


The reason this is helpful for us as humans is we can run through daily tasks on autopilot. We don’t have to THINK about each individual action involved in brushing our teeth in the morning, we just automatically get up and do it, leaving more space in our conscious mind (CM) for thoughts around our to-do lists and new ideas.


You’ve probably become consciously aware of your SCM taking control before while driving—suddenly looking up and realizing you safely got to your destination without feeling like you paid any attention to turns, traffic lights or other cars.


Our SCM’s prominence is handy for the most part! But it’s also how we develop and get stuck in patterns, habits and decision-making routines that cause us to feel stuck, and why it can feel so hard to change something “even when you know better”.


So many of your conscious thoughts repeat in loops—fears of the future, anxieties of the past, urges to overeat or bite your nails or cancel that first date. This is because your SCM is keeping you reminded of your patterns, so that you don’t stray from what it already knows. It doesn’t want to exhaust itself rewriting your identity!


Hypnosis is used as a tool for conversation with your SCM. It allows your CM to take the back seat and just observe while the hypnotherapist prompts your SCM towards new beliefs, values and decisions that align with the life you desire to manifest. It’s life-altering.


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