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The Most Important Question To Ask Yourself When Manifesting Your Dreams

business business coach dreams financial freedom freedom manifesting online business time freedom Aug 11, 2021

We’re over half way through 2021. Whewwww. Last year I truly didn’t know how we would get here, or what would happen in the in-between. 

“We’re living in unprecedented times”. I know you’ve heard this a million times by now.

Over the last year and a half we’ve had Business coaches coming out of the woodwork telling you that *NOW* is the time to build an online business. Do I believe this is true?

For some people, absolutely.

I have an online business. It's allowed me to be more successful even in "regular" times than I ever had been with a job that had me working on a schedule outside of the house. More fulfilled in both in my soul and my bank account.

 But I don't believe that this is the answer for everyone.

I don't believe that everyone is meant to be a business owner, or that everyone even desires to be a business owner. What I do believe the majority of people desire is money and time freedom, which is something we see business owners get to take advantage of.

But if you get a little creative, you'll see just how many ways there are to achieve the actual desired outcome rather than settle for the one way you believe will get you there.

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself when you're trying to manifest something is: what do I really want?

When you get deep with yourself, your answers might surprise you. Most people work towards manifesting their dream home, their dream job, their dream lover...and they focus so hard on that one specific thing. And sometimes, they even get it! Only to realize...wait, this isn't doing for me what I thought it would.

You know...finally meet the man you wrote up on your man-ifestation list believing that you knew the qualities a man needed in order for you to be happily in love and then you still feel unhappy? Sign the papers for your dream home because you think having more space will make you more comfortable and you still feel a void? Work hard to build a coaching business because you see it giving so many other people freedom and think...why am I procrastinating so much?

Why does it feel like I don't want this? What's wrong with me?

Here is the problem: we think we know "what" we want, when really our desires aren't a specific person or thing, our desires are specific feelings.

Love. Safety. Freedom. Joy.

And we work so hard towards the person or thing that we think will provide us with those feelings, rather than working toward the ultimate desire of the feeling itself.

And when we do this, when we're so focused on our own idea of "how" we are going to receive our desired feeling, our brain is laser-focused on giving us what we think we want, only looking for opportunities that match up with getting us that man, or that home, or that business.

There's no encouragement for our subconscious mind to expand in order to bring in more ideas, because we already act as if we know the answer. When we take the time to align with the true desired outcome, our subconscious mind will start to look for opportunities in our surroundings and when it picks up on a good one, will deliver that opportunity to our conscious awareness.

And if we've already made ourselves consciously aware of what we want...we're more likely to make a firm decision that will lead us in the direction of that outcome!

So, if you are sitting at home now, seeing all of the posts on social media, wondering if it means you need to invest in a business coach and start a business of your own, I want you to ask yourself what it is that you truly desire.

What feeling is it that you want?

A few examples may be: freedom, peace, joy, abundance, excitement, certainty, safety, comfort, love, expression.

And then ask yourself: what in my reality is keeping me from having this feeling?

Declare to your journal and your coach or your spouse or mom or social media following your decision to release this specific thing or belief or person that is no longer serving you or is keeping you from your desired feeling.

And then live your life and pay attention when the signs for your next step come into your awareness, and make the decision to take ACTION! Declare the feeling you desire, and then spend time tuning in, living your life, enjoying yourself as much as possible.

Take a walk. Meditate. Watch Netflix. Write. Drink wine. Or tea. Cook a meal. Workout. Eat yummy foods. Pet your dog. Have sex. Clean your space. Use the candles you've been saving. Read a book.

And when your subconscious delivers an idea for action to you....listen.


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