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Shifting Your Perspective

change create your reality life shifting your perspective Aug 18, 2021

You are here on this earth to forge your own path.

You are a giver, I know that about you. You are a coach or a mother or a lover or all of the above, and so much of your purpose is tied into creating beautiful lives for others.

You want to give your clients, your children, your friends and family experiences that you wish you’d had, and know they’ll love.

That’s beautiful. You’re here to do that, and you are doing it.

But what's more important is creating an experience for YOURSELF.

An experience that YOU want, NOW.


Not just an experience you wish you’d had, and gifting it to someone else.

An experience you wish you had now, and gifting it to yourself.

What do you want right now?


I know what I want right now.


I want energy.

Whole Foods entering my body.

Healthy energy being expelled.

I want joy, money, rest and play to be regular facets of my days.

I want selling to be easy.

I want my business to be about connection and conversation.

Over-giving in a way that feels right.

Not comparing person to person or situation to situation.

Showing up for clients as individuals, not numbers in a group or in my PayPal account.


I want freedom.

From overthinking.

From worrying.

Peace in knowing that all I desire and need is always available to me, and the confidence and trust in myself to step into it, even when I can’t see clearly.

I want romantic love that lights me up, that gives me butterflies, that challenges me to be more open, more vulnerable, feel more alive.


I want friendships where I feel heard, loved, appreciated, with people who share my values and my humor. Not friendships based on length in years but depths of understanding.


I want all of the material items that make me happy. Clothes and home decor that make me feel like “me”, items in my apartment that make it feel like home, and things to wear that make my body feel like home.


You get to create this reality. And as you feel safe, at home, at peace and’ll be able to show up in your giver-role with so much more depth.

We all benefit from you creating what you want.


There is nothing you need to prove. No specific way you need to be. No particular thing you need to receive.


You get to create your reality.

And it gets to be a gift to this entire world. 

A way that I center myself is through my morning routine. It allows my brain to align with my soul’s purpose, and set myself up to receive and achieve with grace and ease.

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