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My Top 3 Tips for Setting Intentions

healing intention setting intentions morning ritual positive energy tarot cards Sep 08, 2021



1️⃣ Keep your list short and sweet. The less your mind has to focus on, the easier it will be to stay aligned with what’s most important to you.


2️⃣ Write out each intention and then pull a Tarot or oracle card for insight on what you need to do, remember and step into in order to achieve what you intend to.


3️⃣ Write all of your intentions in the positive tense. Your brain doesn’t process negatives, so if you say “no alcohol” or “alcohol free”, it has to first think of “alcohol” in order to process. Instead, try “waking up each morning feeling fresh and rejuvenated”.


The more we declare what we’re calling in, the more positive energy we are attaching to it.


What are your intentions for this month?


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