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How to Show Your Body Unconditional Love

body diversity body love body positivity uconditional love Aug 25, 2021

I gave this body so much judgment for being squishy, and now I love that about it so much, enough that I’ll post it on the internet for everyone to see.


What you believe about how you look isn’t the ultimate truth. It’s YOUR truth because it’s what you believe. But what if you could shift that belief into one that made you feel better?


It still won’t be the “ultimate truth”, because there is no ultimate truth. The only truth is what we believe to be true. We design our entire lives based off of what we believe.


So when your truth is — “my body will be worthy of love when it’s toned and smaller,” then you won’t make room to love it as it is right now.


Your love will be conditional.


Unconditional love comes from the point of view of — “I will love my body as it is right now, not in spite of its imperfections, but because of all of the things that make it uniquely me.”


These belief shifts start small. They’re not overnight and if you expect them to be, you’ll give up before you get there. It’s about the things you take in every day. The people you follow online. The shit you watch on TV. The community you surround yourself with.


Are you committed to the long haul? To forgiving yourself for how you’ve treated yourself up until now and moving forward slowly with the new information and lessons that you have after every next step you take?


It’s worth it. 💙



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