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What It Actually Takes To Become A 6 Figure Business Owner: Inner Child Work

6 figure business owner 6 figures business coach business owner coaching inner child work Sep 15, 2021

Let me cut right to the chase, because you clicked on this for a reason.


The Answer: Getting real with yourself about how and why you’re actively holding yourself back from receiving $ and clients.


Sounds vague, I know. Keep reading. You’re holding onto pain inside your body.


You look down at your belly spilling over your jeans and you remember your mom’s constant dieting when you were a child. Your brain registers this to mean that chubby=not worthy. Who is going to choose to work with you? You hide parts of yourself away.


You laugh out loud and have a flashback to the girl in middle school who called your laugh obnoxious and annoying. Your brain reminds you that it’s not safe to fully express yourself, people won’t like you. They'll make fun of you.


What makes you think people will pay you when they’re embarrassed by you? You hide parts of yourself away.


You think about the 17-year-old-you who fell in love with the boy who went after someone else.


Your brain tells you you’re not pretty enough or good enough to be chosen. Why would clients work with you when there are so many other coaches to choose from? You hide parts of yourself away.


You’s not that you need to hustle harder.

Or learn more.

Or grow a bigger following.


It’s that there’s hidden traumatic memories living inside of your body, and your subconscious mind is protecting you from feeling pain, rejection, embarrassment inside your business in the ways you’ve felt it in the (unconsciously) holding yourself back from success.


By staying hidden.


Inner Child work has changed my life. Connecting to your inner child, and all of the past versions of you who decided to base your worth on experiences brought on by the judgements and beliefs of other people  Once you acknowledge those memories, apply love and healing work to the past versions of you, you’re able to release the habit of keeping yourself stuck.


You’re able to embrace your power, stand strong behind your expertise, and welcome paying clients with open arms.


My inner child workshop can help you embark on a journey of deep self-discovery and connect with the essence of your inner child in order to heal past wounds and manifest the next level of your life in relationships, finances and spirituality. If you’re interested you can Sign up Here.


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