Melissa Davis, Self Love Mentor

I completed Lily Nicole's BBE program this week... and WOW.

Lily is truly phenomenal at what she does 💜

As a new coach in this industry, I was having a hard time embodying who I want to be as a coach. BBE personally helped me understand this about myself and what direction I want to move forward in.

Lily does a really amazing job of coaching you through creating your own programs and being able to launch those programs.

On top of this, journal prompts we received were very healing for me and helped me dive deeper within myself. The group of women I got to work with in this group were also amazing! Everyone is so supportive and wonderful!

Thank you Lily for everything that you do! This program truly did get me pointed in the right direction of my new coaching career, and I am so grateful!

Ashley Beeman, Social Media Coach

Just finished up BBE with Lily Nicole and I can't say enough about this program!

This was actually my 2nd time going through this and I have to say it was even better this round.

The content was amazing and I loved how digestible everything was.

The energy inside the group container was exactly what I needed. The connections with the other women were priceless!

At the beginning of this program I wasn't feeling very confident in the direction I was going in my business but now I feel more confident than ever.

This program helped me step into my boldness. It also gave me permission to throw out the rules and do things my way.

I was hearing crickets on any of my offers before BBE and now I have 13 women signed up for my next free offer and a few are interested in my paid offer.

I highly recommend this program to anyone!

Elizabeth Goncalves, Healer & Self Love Coach

I finished the round of BBE and wanted to share how beautiful the program was.

Before going into the program, I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do for my business, what I wanted to focus on or my niche.

I came into the program and set the intention to “own it” own what I had to share, own who I am as a coach. Also, I wanted to know how to show up and feel safe in my body showing up and sharing value.

Since doing the program, Lily has helped me own who I am and what I want to help people with. She gave me permission to do what was on my heart, to focus on shadow work.

I leaned how our bodies are sacred vessel that has so much to do with how we show up, showing up as ourself who owns who she is, excited about her value and her offers.

This program has helped me so much start my business in the right way and I can’t wait to do her next program!!

Jaycee Neudorf, Dating Coach

I just finished up this round of BBE & it’s been the most amazing experience!

Before I started BBE…I had a lot of fears around my business and I felt like I just wasn’t making any progress, which affected my content and showing up in the online space.

I have gained so much clarity around my messaging & my content.

Showing up online feels easy & my business has transformed so much!!!

&& this group of women have been so amazing!! I cannot express the connections that were built inside this space.

And in the last week, I had 7 people join my free offer (literally within 2 days lol)

Lily Nicole is so amazing. She has helped me transform my business SO MUCH and I am so grateful for her!

If you want to see results in your business…hire her RIGHT NOW 🤩🤩🔥