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Does coaching feel like the perfect career for you, but you're afraid you're not quite good enough?


First: breath. Been there, girlfriend. What I now know after building a multi-6-figure coaching business and watching my clients get life-changing results is that if you feel an authentic pull towards becoming a coach because you want to change lives, you are already good enough.

I also totally know the feeling of: "am I qualified to do this?! I'd help people for free, who am I to charge for this??"

That's normal even for coaches who have been in the game for awhile!

There's all sorts of money mindset work that could be done around that, but so many people ignore what's at the root of the issue: confidence in your coaching craft.


If you're getting on coaching calls and giving your clients advice, you're doing them a disservice.

Powerful coaching is all about asking the right questions to help your clients come to their own conclusions, get their own results.

We want to EMPOWER them, not make them reliant on us forever.


I'm ready to become the go to coach!


1. Understand how to speak to both the conscious and subconscious mind.

Did you know that we are only consciously aware of .0006% of our thoughts?! This is why when we just coach in a talk-therapy based way, we are only scratching the surface. Lasting change comes from understanding the subconscious mind and how to change those unconscious thoughts. (You know how you set a goal for yourself or your clients, logically know it's the best thing for you, and then STILL self-sabotage? Yeah, that's because you're missing the subconscious integration!)

2. Do your own subconscious integration work.

You've gotta walk the talk, baby! The best coaches are the ones who are showing up for themselves consistently. Now, don't confuse this: I'm not saying that the best coaches are perfect, because the best coaches are human, making their own mistakes and experiencing all things that life throws at them. And with that, they take responsibility for their own growth and are continuously showing up in the way they'd expect their clients to.

Strengthen Your Coaching Craft will teach you the basics of working with the subconscious mind, and the best way to set yourself up for success in a coaching session.

What's included?

1: Coaching Is NOT Giving Advice

2: Why You Should Trust Me

3: It's Not All Rainbows + $10k Months

4: What's Happening In Your Client's Brain

5: How Your Client's Brain Is Designed to React to You

6: How to Effectively Hold Space

7: How to Ask Powerful Coaching Questions

8: How to Further Your Coaching Education

9: Special Bonuses

10: Becoming the Strongest Coach Meditation

11. Journal Prompts to Boost your Business

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