Bold Bodied Entrepreneur is the #1 way to finally get out of your own way in your business and finally receive the income and clients you desire.

I want to be a bold entrepreneur!


Successful businesses are not just the energetic healing and manifestation rituals...


Not just the strategic frameworks and launch plans...


They require FULL embodiment of yourSELF, your OFFERS, your POWER, your MAGIC...and the energy in which that flows out into the lives of your clients.


Bold Bodied Entrepreneur will help you get out of your head and into your body in order to share your message with CLARITY and AUTHORITY, and start having soulmate clients and income flocking to you because you're owning the fuck out of your message.

Hi, I'm Lily Nicole

I went from struggling in my business to consistent 5-figure months.
...and I know that you have the ability to do the same.
It has never been more clear to me that the #1 thing holding so many women back from success in their coaching businesses is connection to their bodies, and I'm here to help you break free from it. 
At first, it seemed backwards, because as a multifaceted human being, your message is what matters, right?! Your words. Your lessons. Your missions.
YES--and, when you aren't connected to and confident inside of your body, your message isn't shining through.
You are MORE than just a body, but you are a body, too!! Your body is what channels your energy, what makes it tangible to people. Feeling grounded where you stand and confident that you are meant to take up space is what allows you to fully express what's in your soul and on your mind.
It's what drives you to hop on your Instagram Story and share a divine download of information that is going to grow and excite the fuck out of your audience.
When you aren't owning your physical presence, you're not owning your message.
You don't have the mental space to feel confident in your words when you're constantly worrying about your RIGHT to be sharing your truth.
When you're disconnected from your worthiness to take up space because you don't feel conventionally beautiful, when you're worried about what "they" are thinking and if they'll take you seriously...your truth cannot shine.
And so the aligned experiences, dates, friends, and clients don't come.
The money is at a standstill.
You know your words are SO valuable, but people just don't see it.

Stop focusing on WHAT to post and HOW to get into the "right energy" to attract clients. I GUARANTEE your lack of business success isn't because you're not journaling or meditating enough. You’re missing a step when it comes to “getting into the energy” of receiving clients.


It’s going to change EVERYTHING 💎🔥


Whenever I’ve successfully launched a coaching program, I’ve not only focused on client attraction energy + launch strategy.


And THAT is what BBE is about, mixing the RIGHT about of both strategy AND energy to attract your DREAM clients.


  • Take the Leap 
  • Stepping into Success  
  • Inner Child Work 
  • Body Connection Roots 
  • Inner Child Body Love Hypnosis
  • Forming Your Identity 
  • Healing Old Money + Success Beliefs  
  • Reframing Body Beliefs 
  • Manifesting Through Your Body
  • Hype Phase
  • Detaching Worthiness From Business 
  • Education Phase, Early Bird + Waitlists
  •   Utilizing Masterclasses During A Launch
  • 13 Journal Prompts 
  • Offer Development Worksheet 

Total Value = $2,555


*for a limited time* 

It’s not joining a specific program or working with a specific coach that will change everything for you..
It’s putting your FAITH so deeply into your business, making the heart-pounding decision to invest, fully embodying the trust that you know you will make it worth it, because your business is meant to be. 
And then showing the fuck up every step of the way, because you now have skin in the game and are determined to see your goals through, learn from someone who has gone before you, and embrace the powerful leader you KNOW you are. 
The successful coaches you follow aren’t sitting around waiting and watching, trying to decide when the perfect moment is going to be to go all in. 


They are just doing it.


I'm ready to be fucking BOLD


Bold Bodied Entrepreneur is different from other programs because it teaches you not only how to build and sell a program or how to get into the right energetic state to call in clients like every other spiritual business program teaches… it teaches you how to show the fuck up. If you aren't showing up, you'll never make a sale, no matter how many times you write "$100k" in your journal. 


It's time to be BOLD.

I'm a Bold Bodied Entrepreneur

You'll get access as soon as you enroll and keep it for LIFE! 

So, you ready?

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