Bold Bodied Entrepreneur

My Bold Bodied Entrepreneur program goes into the embodiment of your business and all of the strategies behind it! Embodied Business starts NOW! Join the February cohort of BBE by the 7th!

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$100k Activation

Activating your $100k self takes more than just strategy, AND more than just energetics. It takes commitment. Are you committed to making 2022 your year? 

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The Manifest More Bundle

For when you're done accepting mediocrity, and are ready to Manifest More abundance, love, confidence and joy.

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Inner child Workshop

Embark on a journey of deep self-discovery and connect with the essence of your inner child in order to heal past wounds and manifest the next level of your life in relationships, finances and spirituality.

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Worth Weigh More

A program to guide you towards a deep love for your body and an understanding that you are worth way more than you've given yourself credit for because of your weight.

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Monetize Your TikTok

Are you ready to bring your impact to the 689 MILLION active users on TikTok? This course teaches you the best practices to make money from your TikToks as a business owner in a way that actually works.

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Alchemize Your Morning

For the woman who wants to add magic to her morning and start her day feeling deeply centered, grounded and grateful.

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About Lily

I’m Lily Nicole, a Master Life Coach and NLP Practitioner on a mission to bring conscious healing to the modern womxn. I quit my teaching career in 2017 to become a full time entrepreneur, and moved from my parents’ basement in New Jersey to sunny San Diego where I now help womxn manifest the life of their dreams through inner child healing and body connection.

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This show is for the woman ready to turn-on the power she holds inside of her body. In the spiritual world, we've grown so distant from our bodies as we get to know our souls, and it is Lily's mission to bring the two back together so that women can operate in our full, magnetic energy in order to attract next level experiences, dates, clients and soul sisters.

In this show, you'll be inspired to take the filter off of your face AND your words, and spread your message with passion and conviction. It is time to release yourself from a lifelong battle with your body, learn to understand its incredible power, own the fuck out of your presence and expand your energy across the world. You have it within you to make a global impact. Wear the shit out of that crown, babygirl.

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Lily Nicole on YouTube

On this channel, you’ll learn how your subconscious mind affects manifestation, and experience weekly guided meditations and videos about and experience weekly guided meditations and videos about spirituality, energy work and your healing journey to help you manifest the life of your dreams.


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