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Meet Lily Nicole.

Lily spent her life being the biggest person in the room, and shrank her personality in order to make up for the amount of physical space she took up.

In 2015, her personal healing began with a weight loss journey, which led her to personal development, which in turn led to learning about manifestation, spirituality, and the study of the subconscious mind. With a passion for sharing her story on social media, all of this turned into a thriving coaching and healing business which generated nearly half a million dollars in revenue in the first 6 years.

Lily's mission is to help women live lives with overflowing bank accounts, deeply meaningful relationships, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences on repeat, and does so through her online courses, programs, and coaching certification.

Lily grew up in the suburbs of northern New Jersey and now lives in San Diego, California.

(Certified Master Coach and Trainer of Life Coaching, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, and Reiki, Breathwork Facilitator)



This is for the woman who wants to add magic to her morning and start her day feeling centered, grounded, and grateful.

Center yourself through an individualized morning routine that you'll create just for you.

Prime your brain to align with your soul’s purpose and start your days feeling lit up by life.

Set yourself up to receive and achieve with grace and ease.

Scale & Expand Your Online Coaching Business 

Business Strategy, Energetics, & Brain-Based Practice

The online coaching industry is currently valued at over $1,000,000,000.

People are committed to investing in themselves. They desire healthier minds, bodies, habits, relationships, finances, spiritual connections.

The coaching market is not over-saturated, there are millions of clients who desire support and growth.

The key is that you both position yourself to stand out, AND have the skills to create deep, lasting transformation with your clients, rather than just surface level “aha” moments that fade in an instant.

The demand for heart-centered coaches who know their shit and aren’t just selling smoke and mirrors grows every day.

Let’s build the next generation of authentic, powerful coaches…together.

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7-Day Visibility Visualization for Coaches

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